The Walking Dead season 7 episode 9 – Rock in the Road

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Jesus brings the group to the Kingdom, so they can convince King Ezekiel to help along with the Hilltop against the Saviors.
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The Walking Dead season 7 episode 9 – Rock in the Road

Episode review


The walking dead season 7 episode 9 Rock In The Road
We start out in The Hilltop, where Rick as well as the rest of the group attempt at getting Gregory to come with them and join powers in the fight against Negan. As everyone is preparing their next move, Jesus proposes they eventually meet King Ezekiel.

Rock proposes that the Hilltop, The Kingdom and they themselves finish The Saviors’ tyranny. Zeke asks them to dinner and promises he’ll have an answer in the morning.

After chewing over their suggestion, Ezekiel tells the group The Kingdom cannot help them in their own conflict but can offer sanctuary to Daryl. As they leave Rick orders Daryl to remain so he is able to help sway Ezekiel to help in the fight.

Rick and the group then have to clear a road block formed by multiple cars as well as a dynamite laced steel cable stretched across the street. Rosita starts removing the dynamite when they hear Negan tell his men over the radio to search for Daryl. Realizing that the Saviors are to be coming shortly, the group is pressed for time as a walker herd starts coming. Now they are strapped for time as Rick sends the order for them to continue while the others place the cars back into the road block. Michonne and Rick drive the the cars which have the steel cable attached to them viciously slicing through the hoard of walkers as they go but then the cable snags and they are forced to escape on foot.

The Saviors turn over the town looking for him and fall upon a naked pantry (which Father Gabriel emptied earlier). Simon and his guys give up but warn Rick if Daryl shows up at any moment in the future they’ll be sorry. Rick Won’t believe it and afterwards finds a note that says, “Boat.” Afterwards, Rick and also the group head out to discover Father Gabriel and become surrounded by a community of armed survivors. Rick sees something or someone among them and grins.

What did YOU think of tonight’s volatile episode? Was that the very best walker stunt yet? What did Rick see in the ending??